Homemade Chicken Stew Recipe

This recipe for chicken stew I learned from my grandmother. It is excessively simple and practically done alone , with minimal supervision.

The original idea with this dish, as my grandmother used to say, was to prepare it with the ingredients you had in the fridge , always starting with the base sauce made with peppers, tomato and onion chopped. From here on, any extra you want/want to contribute is perfectly welcome.

For example, you can make this chicken stew with potatoes , as I present in this recipe , or you can add mushrooms, mushrooms, corn, carrots, fresh peas, chilli pepper, herbs such as parsley or cilantro, celery, you can also use all the above, although it would be too much. Or none of the above and you stick to the base sauce.

You can also make a chicken stew with vegetables by simply adding carrots, green beans and zucchini to this preparation. It is quite rich and makes the recipe give you even more.

I make this chicken stew only with the base sauce, a little celery and potatoes. It's perfect in this way and I invite you to try it that way .

chicken stew

How to make chicken stew with potatoes

Leave the chicken clean, chopped into prey and without the skin. Stewed chicken cooked with skin is horrible, any recipe that tells you to leave it is a heresy.

The amount of potatoes to use varies depending on the size of the chicken: if it is small, with 3 is enough , if it is large use 5.

Remember, this is the easiest version, and for me, the most delicious of this chicken stew. I learned it from my grandmother and I would not change anything.Homemade, easy and abundant.Blend until you get a sauce that has pieces of vegetables.

  • After cleaning, Despresar the chicken and remove the skin, sellalo in a medium pot with a stream of oil. Add salt, pepper and a little oregano.
  • When the pieces are golden brown all sides add the liquefied sauce and a pinch of salt.
  • Wait for let it boil and lower the fire in half. Cover and let cook for 15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and cut them in medium pieces.
  • When the 15 minutes have passed, add the potatoes and check that the salt is fine.
  • Leave to cook over medium heat until the potatoes are ready.

  • Remove from heat and let stand 5 minutes.

  • Remember that you can add almost any vegetable to this dish what you wish. Mushrooms and mushrooms, carrots, even bean sprouts are good.

    You can also put green beans.

    When you go to eat, serve your chicken stew with white rice. and a good salad.

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