How to make baked chicken wings

Continue my obsession with eating with my hands . While the finger-licking recipe is the pork ribs, we can not leave aside the amazing crispy baked chicken wings.

Chicken wings have too much taste. Prepared fried, grilled or in the oven are a sure guarantee that you will eat delicious.

But yes, eat with your hands . Using cutlery to eat chicken wings is absurd, and grabbing them with a napkin is depriving you of one of the funniest things: sucking your fingers at the end.

Recipe for easy baked chicken wings

There are many recipes for making wings, but then I'll show you one of the most traditional, delicious and easy ones: incredible barbecue chicken wings, with a homemade sweet and slightly spicy sauce.

The sauce is prepared at the moment, nothing to buy one at the supermarket. You'll need dijon mustard, worcestershire sauce, tomato ketchup sauce and some other ingredients.

Below you'll find other different wing recipes, you keep reading that this gets good.

baked chicken wings

 baked chicken wings
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Baked chicken wings with barbecue sauce homemade

Classic recipe for preparing baked wings dipped in homemade bbq sauce.Stir well and cook slowly for 20 minutes. Check the salt and any other ingredients if you think they are missing.
  • After this time, the sauce should have reduced a little and its flavor be concentrated. If you notice that it is still very liquid, raise the temperature to the kitchen and stir constantly to reduce it.
     bbq sauce
  • Now Yes, on a large tray place the chicken wings, add salt and pepper and start smearing them with the BBQ sauce using a brush. Spread them well on both sides. Do not spend it all, leave a little to apply a second layer later.
  • Put the wings in the oven at 180 ° C and let cook for 20 minutes.
  • Turn them over and put them back in the oven for 10 more minutes.
  • Turn them over again , put another layer of barbecue sauce with the brush and put them in the oven, this time only with heat on top to brown and crisp.
  • In 5 minutes they should be ready.
  • Serve them on a tray.

  • Tips to eat chicken wings

    1. Eat them with your hands, est or is a mantra.
    2. If you make them with barbecue sauce, have an extra portion of the sauce so you can wet them as you eat them.
    3. If you make them without sauce, They will be more crispy. And you always have the option of spreading them to your liking with barbecue or any other sauce you have available.
    4. Ideally, accompany these chicken wings with French fries, but you can also make some salad. Of course, you can eat them alone and already 🙂

    If you're going to cook for a group of friends, consider making a good homemade pizza too, you know, pure things that get your hands dirty 😀

    Recipes of baked chicken wings

    There are more ways to make chicken wings in the oven, here are some of my favorites:

    • Baked chicken wings with honey: I highly recommend them. They are sweet, they stick to your fingers, they are addictive. Here you can see the recipe.
    • Chicken wings with baked potatoes: Very easy to make, and potatoes always go great. Look at the recipe.
    • Baked wings with lemon: The citrus touch of the lemon is great, try them. Recipe here.
    • Chicken wings baked in beer: wings, chicken and beer, all in one dish. Is not life beautiful? Click here for the recipe.
    • Baked chicken wings with curry: They are prepared with a curry batter that leaves them crispy. Oh yeah! Recipe here.

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